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Services in Plymouth Meeting


Men   $27 - $40

Women   $45 - $70

Children (12 and under)   $25 - $30

Children (12 and under) with blow dry   $35 - $40

Pre-Art Clarifying and Repairing Treatment   $25

Redken Pre Art Clarifying Treatment is for all hair types. Pre Art Treatment is an intense clarifying treatment that effectively removes copper, iron minerals and styling product residue which can interfere with chemical services. It helps equalize the surface properties of the hair and fruit acids help strengthen the cuticle and add shine.

Perfect for swimmers or those with hard water in their homes!



Single Process Color   $62

Permanent, semi-permanent or demi-permanent color applied to the hair to create a new base color, cover grey or enhance ones natural color.

Toners   $24

Glaze   $39



Dimensional Foil   $60 - $70

Typically 6-10 foils that are strategically placed in the hair to enhance one's color by adding light or dark tones that are great for a subtle look.

Partial Highlights   $83 - $98

This service adds depth and definition to part of the client’s head, without highlighting the entire head. Partial highlights are great for enhancing your natural hair color with lightening or darkening. Partial highlights are versatile as they can make big impact or a subtle enhancement.

Full Highlight   $98 - $118

This service is when the entire head is highlighted and often used for heavy highlighted blondes.

Balayage   $118 - $125

A process of hand painting color onto the hair to create a natural-looking, sun kissed look.


Perms & Relaxers

Perm   $78 - $98

A chemical treatment that gives hair long lasting waves or curls.

Rusk Keratin AntiCurl System   $98

A lotion or cream is generally used to straighten naturally curly hair. With 3 versatile styling results that are safe for all types of hair and colored hair; the AntiCurl system also builds shine and strength into the hair. To maintain this consistent appearance it should be performed on the regrowth about every 8-10 weeks.


Keratin Complex Treatment

Keratin Complex Treatment   $285

A treatment used to make wavy, unruly natural hair smoother and straighter. The client must wait anywhere from 72 hours to wash their hair after this service is preformed but it will last for about 4 to 6 months.

Keratin Express Blowout    $120+

Same results as Keratin Complex Treatment however lasts 4-6 weeks.

Brazilian Blowout   $330

A hair smoothing treatment that adds shine and eliminates frizz. One does not have to wait to wash their hair after this treatment and will last in the hair for typically 3 to 5 months.


Blow Dry & Style

Blow Dry   $32 - $40

with Color $27 - $40
with Flat Iron $57 - $65
with Curl $57 - $65

Extensions   Price Upon Consultation

Formal 10 & under   $53

Formal 3 & under   $40

Formal Updo/Half Updo   $80

Formal Braiding Only-Adults   $25

Formal Braiding Only-Children 12 & Under   

Formal Blow Dry   $32-$40

Formal Blow Dry with Curl   $57-65

Formal Blow Dry with Flat Iron   $57-65

Formal Curl Only   $50

Formal Flat Iron only   $50



Eye   $17

Lip   $15

Eye & Lip   $30

Chin   $18



Bride Trial   $75

Bride   $110 and up

Price quoted on day of trial based on time and detail

Bridal Party Blow Dry   $37 - 45

Bridal Party Blowout with Curls   $78

Bridal Party Blowout with Full Flat Iron   $78

Bridal Party Updo/Half Updo   $100

Bridal Party Flat Iron Only   $65

Bridal Party Curl Only   $65

Bridal Party - 10 & Under   $53

Bridal Party - 3 & Under   $40

Bridal Party Braid Only - Children 12 & Under   $20

Bridal Party Braid Only - Adults   $25