“Boys don’t grow up, we just get old.”

Styling Since: 2007

Brian Seidel has a pretty rough life. He spends every day surrounded by talented, funny girls, doing what he loves for a living, and then he goes home and hangs out with his buddies. You would think he’d get tired of that routine pretty quickly, but, amazingly, he hasn’t. “What do I love most about my job?” He thinks for a second. “Probably the male to female ratio here,” he says, flashing a grin.

Perks aside, Brian’s an amazing stylist, and he takes his job very seriously. He says one of his greatest successes as a stylist was, “Overcoming the fear of cutting and coloring women’s hair. I know you don’t mess with a girl’s hair, so I was scared to death!” It didn’t take him long to get over that fear, and now he’s following in the footsteps of his boss, Joe Kaub, who he says is also his style icon. “You wouldn’t look at Joe and think he’s a hairstylist. Most male stylists wear scarfs and have highlights, but I like his humble, laid-back style.”

Both Brian and Joe are proud to represent male stylists, here at Gravity, and Brian knows he brings a special ingredient to the mix. When asked what invaluable quality he brings to the Gravity team, he said, simply, “Testosterone.”

In his own words:

The celebrity’s hair I’d most like to style is Simon from American Idol. He has such a generic high and tight but it’s not a customized haircut for his head shape or facial features. I can’t look at him without critiquing. It drives me bananas.

I’d love to learn how to tattoo. I have a hand like a surgeon and I know I’d be good.