What invaluable quality do I bring to Gravity? My stunning phone voice.

Position:  Receptionist

The Gravity family includes more than just talented stylists, we’ve got unique, awesome people all over the shop, in every position. Kevin is one of the people who keeps the business running. When we say we would be lost without him, we mean it. Our rock star receptionist mans the phones and keeps our appointment book in order. He’s also the first face you’ll see when you walk into the salon.

“The thing I love most about my job at Gravity,” he begins. “Gotta be the people. Both the fabulous ones I get to work with, and of course, our clients.” Kevin’s a perfect addition to the team here at Gravity. Upbeat, funny, friendly, and he’s got some serious opinions on style. “My favorite fashion trend of all time is the flip up cuff that’s a different color than the rest of the shirt,” he says. “Because it can either be my little secret if I don’t flip, or a nice splash of color when I do.”

When he’s not in the salon, Kevin says he can usually be found “Out with my friends, on a hike through some local park, or spending a quiet night at home with my grandmother. And then there are the movies and the books…too many to list.” We like people with diverse interests, and Kevin definitely fits that mold.

In his own words

My style icon is Robert Graham. He does amazing things with pattern and color that most people would never think to do, and it works.

I can’t come to work without putting on my Claddagh Ring. I never leave home without it on.