“Hair is FUN–play with it every now and then!”

Styling Since: 2008 

After studying at Temple’s Tyler School of Art, Kristen decided that the starving artist’s life wasn’t for her. She decided to apply her creativity to a different kind of art––the art of hair.

When she finished cosmetology school, Kristen joined us here at Gravity. Her arts background makes her a natural for any type of color work, and she specializes in the art of Balayage. She loves helping clients make big changes to their looks. Cutting long hair down to a bob, creating natural and effortless looking balayage on a color first timer, and then turning a blonde into a redhead–“Hair is fun,” she says. “We should play with it every now and then!”

When she’s not in the salon, you can find Kristen painting and creating in her art studio, finding inspiration in a gallery, cooking, or spending time with her son, Liam.

In her own words:

The celebrity I’d most like to spend the day with is Jim Henson. Like him, I may get older, but I’ll never grow up. (Plus, I want to know what I’d look like as a Muppet.)

In the future, I want to learn how to garden…and ride a motorcycle.

The celebrities I’d like to style the most are: Nicole Richie, Natalie Portman, and Avril Lavigne–that girl needs a hair color and hairstyle that’s age appropriate!