“I believe in coaching and teaching people, rather than being their boss.”

Styling Since: 1996

Joe has an especially interesting story about how he got into hair. He started in high school, “doing fades for the football team and that sort of thing.” Then, after fumbling through college for a couple of years and realizing it wasn’t for him, he decided to give hair school a try. The rest is history.

It seems like it worked out well for Joe. He runs Gravity along with Kara, and we couldn’t ask for a better pair of bosses.

Joe says his favorite thing about being a stylist is “Being able to make people feel better about who they are. Hair is the one accessory you wear with every outfit, so it’s got to look great!”

He considers his greatest success to be opening up Gravity. “It takes a lot of dedication and flat out guts to leave a good job and open a business of your own, but it’s all worth it,” he says. Believe it or not, Joe has a life outside of the shop, and, he explains, he usually spends it hanging out with the family. The one thing he can’t come into work without doing, he says, is kissing his wife and kids goodbye.

In his own words:

The celebrity I’d most like to spend the day with? I have two. Alive: Shawn White. The best snowboarder in the world. Dead: Ben Franklin. He was a Philly boy who was an inventor, leader, and didn’t shy away from a good time.

My favorite accomplishment was doing hair for the designer Jay Mendel for New York Fashion week in 2010. It was an amazing experience working with the best of the best.