Years Of Experience: 15 years

Education and Certification: I attend many continuing education classes but the best education I have gotten over the years has been from learning from co workers. I have always kept an open mind and always know there is more to learn. I enjoy seeing other people’s work, learning from the different techniques they may have, and trying to apply it on my own. 

When I Am Not In The Salon I Am: When not in the salon I love spending time with my family and kids … well sometimes I do .. haha . I also love to exercise . It’s been a passion of mine since I was about 18. Mentally and physically I need it . I loved dance as a child so I suppose it transferred into my love for working out. It’s my treat to myself. It also allows me to eat so many things I probably shouldn’t- Dont ever take away my food! Another passion of mine , but that’s for another day 

My Favorite Thing About Being A Hair Stylist Is: My absolute favorite thing about being a stylist is meeting and connecting with people. I love learning all about them and getting to know why they are the way they are . With each visit with a client I learn another piece of the puzzle and I really get to find the good in people. It then helps me with their hair, what they are comfortable with and what they hate about their hair. I really try to listen and collect enough information about the person to make a good decision on how to execute their look. Everyone should love the hair they were given whether “good or bad “. Everyone’s hair has so much potential if you just find it ,  and I can show you the way.

What I Love Most About My Job At Gravity Is: I LOVE my job at gravity. I love to enjoy life but how many days do we not.  When I walk into work and I’m not in the best of spirits, my coworkers and clients are all so kind and so funny you can’t help but leave your apparent “ sorrows “ in the dust.  I can move on and enjoy the day ahead . Truly gravity is “down to earth” from the employees to the clientele. It has a positive, happy and fun environment. Its just a great place to work and I can’t imagine it any other way. Everyone’s workplace should be the same life is just way to short to be unhappy . We have more then we could ever ask for in this life ! To quote a customer “ You only get one ride on the Merry go round you better make it good one!”