Years Of Experience: 21 years of experience

Education and Certification: Attended Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica CA, LO’real Academy in NY, Graham Webb Academy in D.C.

When I Am Not In The Salon I Am: On my free time you can usually find me on a ball field coaching my kids or watching them play sports. I also love being outside. Biking, snowboarding, and paddle surfing are my favorites

My Favorite Thing About Being A Hair Stylist Is:  It is without question having the ability to make people feel better. Sometimes people just need a little time for themselves, and their visit to Gravity is the only time that will happen all week. So to be their person to make them feel better and look better while being able to express my artistic ability on them at the same time, to me is a gift.

What I Love Most About My Job At Gravity Is: Being with the people who work here. The amount of artistic talent in our company is amazing. I have worked in this industry for over 20 years and every day I am stilled wowed over our stylists work I will see walk out the door. But more than anything they are a really fun and caring group that love what they do, and they inspire me everyday. When they’re not driving me nuts! (haha kidding)